Personalising Your Guitar

“It’s Personal”

For many guitarists, the true reason for getting a custom guitar is aesthetic: to make a guitar that looks the part. It is this element of the custom guitar plan that we call ‘personalisation’.
Personalisation can take many forms on a guitar, but common forms are:

  • Custom-mixed body colour (solid or transparent stain)
  • Custom shell, marquetry or other inlay
  • Hardware colour (chrome, black or gold)

Gorgeous Inlay

One of the great things about being solely a custom maker is that we can be more responsive to your needs. If you want a lion’s mane streaking down the fretboard in abalone, or your name emblazoned in pearl, we can do it.

Increasingly many players are choosing to leave the fretboard bare, especially when using an exotic wood such as Macassar Ebony or going for a cleaner, more Spartan look. It’s your choice. We can give advice when called for, but first and foremost it’s your dream and we’ll always be respectful of that.

A Finish To Dye For

Another service that previous customers have fallen in love with is our ability to mix a custom stain that adds vivid colour and enhances the wood’s appearance at the same time. If you can give an approximation of the colour you’re keen on, we’ll get our lab coats on and blend a stain that will make you do a lusting double-take every time you lay eyes on your instrument.

Not Just Form, Function Too

Have you had that experience of picking up a guitar that looked great but just felt wrong? Its beautiful curves and contours when put up against your body just didn’t make sense. It felt hard against your ribcage and your forearm couldn’t find a comfortable place to rest.
Regardless of its styling, your ideal guitar has to fit your body well. This is really the final piece in the playability puzzle that unlocks the ultimate in comfort, and makes long gigs, practice or jam sessions more effortless.

It all comes down to getting the guitar’s body contours in the right place to match your own body. Getting the ‘belly cut’ to sit so that the upper horn doesn’t feel hard up against your ribs, and nailing the forearm contour to match the length of your forearm and its location and angle when resting on the body.

The Power Is Yours

Whatever you desire, we’re here to make it happen. You need only ask. While we love creating guitars, that’s really only half the reason we do what we do – the other half is that we love to make our customers happy. True story.

Ready to get started? Contact us here.

And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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