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Guitar and Bass Setups and Repairs

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“Richard brought my guitars to a whole new level!” – Donny Lim

“His commitment to getting the job right and making sure he delivered what I wanted was obvious, as was his passion about what he does.” – Malcolm Hollis

“I was extremely impressed with the way Richard took the time to understand my needs and never pushed more than what was needed to get a guitar back to its optimum condition.” – Rob Benovic

About our Repair Service

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Our comprehensive repair service covers all kinds of guitars and basses, from flamenco to Floyd-Rose, from lap steel to fretless. We’re into all kinds of music, which gives us an interest and an edge in understanding the subtleties of different instruments and players. We’re also deeply devoted to great customer service: we go to uncommon lengths to ensure that you get what you expect and deserve from your guitar or bass once it leaves our workshop. We’re just as obsessive about your instrument as you are.

Our Points of Difference

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The difference you will find when you bring your guitar to us is that we truly care, and will spend the time to discover exactly what it is that will transform your playing experience – and really make your pride and joy sing. In addition, as a guitar and pickup maker Lucas Guitar has the added insight that comes from understanding the intricacies of how guitars work from the inside out. To see some of the custom guitars we’ve produced, see our guitar gallery.

How Your Guitar Will Feel On Pickup

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We so often get late-night texts from customers who’ve fallen in love with their guitars all over again that it can’t be coincidence. You’ll find your dirty, dried out fretboard now feels slick and gleams, and your frets shine like little slippery mirrors. We spend extra time getting your action spot on, down to a fraction of a millimetre. We lubricate the friction points around the guitar that can cause tuning stability issues. We use only the best products to care for and service your instrument. All of these little things add up to a guitar that in many cases will play better than the day you got it.

We tackle all repair jobs, big or small. From a string change to custom pickups to a full re-fret – we can do it.

With hundreds of happy customers to date, why not let us take care of your guitars as well?

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Ever dreamed of owning a fully customised guitar, built specifically for you, and only for you? Take a look at some of the masterpieces Richard has created here in his workshop.

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Effective July 2018 *


String change, fretboard clean & oil; fret clean & polish.

Guitar   75–95

Bass   115–135


Minor setup. As above plus checking & adjustment of truss rod setting (neck relief), string saddle height (action) and saddle intonation. Includes adjustment of string height at nut if necessary, plus lubrication of nut slots and moving parts.

Guitar   130–175

Bass   145–165

Fret Dress (Ultimate Setup)

Major setup. As above plus a fret dress (complete levelling, re-crowning & mirror polishing). Expertly performed with the guitar secured to a string tension simulator in order to achieve maximum playability.

Guitar   270–315

Bass   295–315

Custom Handmade Pickups

Pickups handwound to order. Multiple choices available, e.g jazz, blues, rock and metal graduated sets, made to suit the instrument and player. Quality components and wire used, including authentic nickel-silver humbucker covers.

Humbucker Set  420–510

Single-Coil Set (3)   375

H-S-S Set  460–505

H-S-H Set (3)   545–635

Please see our Pickups page for additional information.

Other Services **

Replacement nut   55–80

Upgrade tuners   From 115

Pickup swap (per pickup)  30

Pickup rewind: Humbucker   160

Pickup rewind: Single coil   85

Fit pickup steel-string acoustic   310

(inc. LR Baggs iBeam piezo pickup)

** All Other Services are done in conjunction with string change or setup – please allow for this cost in your budget!

Electrical Repairs

All electrical repairs are undertaken, from simple jack, pot or switch replacement to more labour-intensive re-wiring, cavity shielding or custom mods. For diagnosis and quotes to repair electrical faults please contact us to book an appointment.

* All pricing (excepting nut replacement or repair) includes quality D’Addario strings and is based on a 6-string guitar and 4-string bass. For all other instruments or services not printed here, please contact us.

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And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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