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Guitar Setups and Repairs

Scores of Melbourne guitar players entrust Lucas Guitar to keep their instruments in great playing condition. Our repair service could, and has been called fastidious, fussy, perfection-seeking and many other positive adjectives. We go the extra distance to not only please our customers but also to ensure that every guitar that enters our repair shop leaves in the best possible order, as though it was one of our own.

We work on all types of guitars – classical, steel-string acoustic, 6, 7 and 8-string electrics, basses, left-handed guitars and more. We’re not phased by Floyd-Roses, in fact setting them up for optimum performance is one of our specialties.

We can make you a brand new high-performance nut from scratch, rewind your dead pickup, sort out the scratches, crackles and pops in your electronics and get your action down like the hydraulic suspension on a gangsta lowrider.

For the ultimate guitar setup, consider our no-compromise fret dress. There are degrees of fret dresses out there but we stop at nothing, pouring hours of dedication into turning your fretboard into a mirrored masterpiece to be lusted over. Here’s an idea of what goes into this operation:

Lucas Guitar Fret Dress

  • Mask and protect entire fretboard from debris
  • Level the frets to eliminate the variation in fret height that causes buzz and other low action-preventing issues
  • Re-crown the frets to a perfectly rounded profile using a diamond file
  • Lightly sand to remove any abrasive marks, then high-speed buff using a ceramic wheel
  • High-speed polish to a mirror shine using a technique used on fine jewellery
  • Clean and nourish fretboard using quality lemon oil

Ever dreamed of owning a fully customised guitar, built specifically for you, and only for you? Take a look at some of the masterpieces Richard has created here in his workshop.

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Effective February 2016


String change, fingerboard & fret clean.

Classical, fixed bridge electric
& steel-string acoustic   60

Bass   90


Minor setup. As above plus checking & adjustment of truss rod setting (neck bow/back-bow), string height (action) and intonation.

Fixed bridge electric   80

Steel-string acoustic   90

Bass   110

Electric w/tremolo   90

Floating tremolo   100

Supercharged Setup

Minor setup plus mirror fret polishing. For optimum playability on guitars that do not require a fret dress.

All guitars   150


Major setup. As above plus a fret dress (complete levelling, re-crowning & mirror polishing). Includes adjust string height at nut if necessary.

Classical   220

Steel-string acoustic   220

Fixed bridge electric   210

Bass   240

Electric w/tremolo   220

Floating tremolo   230

Complete Refret
(unfinished fretboards)

Includes Ultimate setup.

Classical   460

Steel-string acoustic   460

Fixed bridge electric   450

Bass   480

Electric w/tremolo   460

Floating tremolo   470

Other services

Replace or make new nut.

All guitars   60–90

All pricing (excepting nut replacement or repair) includes quality D’Addario strings and is based on a 6-string guitar and 4-string bass. For all other instruments or services not printed here, please contact us.

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