Get some Spring into your guitar playing!

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Blogs | 0 comments

It’s here! A change in season brings with it a welcome change in our outlook, and already I can sense by the number of recent custom build enquiries and guitars dropped off for repairs that the inspiration to play is returning with the departure of our winter chilblains.

For me this also means that life in the workshop is a little more bearable. Having recently moved from a small brick workspace to a large tin one, I can’t deny that the thought of getting out in the workshop dressed in thermals and a beanie, huddled around a small radiator heater hasn’t been particularly conducive to getting the creative juices flowing.

Now however there is a flurry of happenings at camp Lucas Guitar. Modifications, servicing, repairs, one custom build and a couple more potentials and it looks like the run towards the silly season is going to be a good one.

Added to this is a demo guitar shortly to be begun that I’ve been pondering for a very long time. Picture this array of goodness:

  • Twin bookmatched Wengé top and bottom caps
  • Lacewood main body timber
  • Huon Pine carbon fibre-reinforced neck
  • Brazilian Brown Ebony high-polish fingerboard with gold Jescar EVO frets
  • Über high quality German Schaller gold roller tremolo and rear-lock tuners
  • And of course our custom hand-built pickups.

More on this shortly!

Until then I hope your playing kicks up a notch and your winter blues disappear far into the rear view mirror.

Take care,
Richard Lucas


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