Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wait time on a guitar build?

At present (Sep 2018) the wait time to begin a new build is 3 months.

Once a guitar build commences it typically takes 3 – 5 months from start to finish depending on complexity, the season and parts availability.

What timbers do you use?

We have access to a large number of imported and local woods. There have been notable changes however in the past couple of years affecting Rosewood (Dalbergia) and Ebony (Diospyros) species, so acquiring these woods may prove to be challenging in the future. This challenge though presents a great opportunity to use more underrated timbers from Australia and nearby oceanic countries.

Whatever you’d like to use we will try to source, or if you’re open to the idea we can recommend a better or more available alternative.

Do you make pickups?

Indeed we do. We specialise in humbuckers and custom-wind pickups to suit the guitars we build – and the players that we build for. Our pickups are hand wound, graduated sets that can be tailored for rock, blues, metal, jazz and more.

What’s a ballpark price range for a Lucas guitar?

Prices for custom one-off guitars start at AUD $7,000. Replicas of guitars we’ve built previously start at AUD $6,000.

What payment options do you offer?

While you’re welcome to pay up-front, many of our customers choose to take up our 3-payment scheduled instalment plan. This splits payments across the duration of the build according to milestones in the build process.

We accept payments via bank transfer, cash, bank cheque and PayPal (PayPal may incur a small surcharge).

Will you ship internationally?

Absolutely. Please get in touch via our contact form, let us know your location and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

What finishes do you use?

On guitar bodies, we use a polyurethane sealer with a highly scratch-resistant professional clear coat.

On guitar necks, we use a hand-applied oil/wax finish that feels slick and smooth underhand.

What is the warranty period on a Lucas guitar?

Our guitars, whilst built to shine for much, much longer, carry a 24-month warranty which includes pickups (provided built by us) and hardware. This is limited to regular wear and tear – no stage diving!

Will you keep me updated while my guitar is being built?

For sure. We frequently share our progress across social media, in our newsletter and will also happily send you regular updates via text, email or social message.

Can I visit your workshop?

Indeed you can. Please book in via the booking function on the homepage.

Do you do guitar repairs?

No, unfortunately our repair service is no longer operational.

How do we get started on my dream guitar?

The first step is to get in touch with a brief rundown on what you’re interested in having built. You can do this via contact form or direct message on most forms of social media (see links on the site).

And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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