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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

It takes around 65 — 100 hours to build a custom guitar from the bare materials. This is typically spread over a three-month period. Seasonal variations, supplier stock levels and waiting lists can cause fluctuations though at any time.

What options do I have?

You have 18 main options. Due to the nature of our service we can offer you in almost unlimited choice over the construction and aesthetic of your dream guitar. View options here.

What timbers do you use?

An abundant number! We love to use Australian timber as we feel it is very under-utilised and like to see local materials in use rather than those shipped from across the globe.

We also use many international hardwoods and exotics, and for sustainability reasons we always endeavour to source timber from within Australia.

To learn more about our timbers, please visit our wood database.

Do you make pickups?

Yes, we make great pickups! We have an affiliation with Jim Dyson and now make his proven tonally-rich designs by hand under license in our workshop.

For our custom guitars we can custom-wind to suit your preferences or advise you how to reach that sweet sound you’ve heard in your dreams.

What are some of the benefits to owning a Lucas guitar?
  • Uniqueness – your guitar is a limited edition as we’re a micro-business, and all our timbers are hand-sourced &/or salvage timbers. No-one else has your guitar.
  • Personalisation – your custom guitar is built from the ground-up to fulfil your personal preferences and physiological requirements. The neck is carved to suit your hand, the body is contoured to sit comfortably against your body, the fretboard is radiused to suit your playing style.
  • Rock-solid reliability – we cut our teeth on guitar setup work for over 15 years, so when you get on stage or into the studio you can trust your Lucas guitar to play consistently well.
  • Supporting small-scale Australian manufacturing, and a micro-business that is committed to responsible environmental practices.
Where are you located?

In Box Hill South, Victoria, Australia. We service areas and customers all over Australia and beyond.

What if I'm not in Melbourne?

Don’t despair! We service areas and customers all over Australia and beyond.

Can I visit your workshop?

Absolutely! We’ll just put the kettle on now…

Our customers love the experience of being immersed in our timber world of creation! Just email or call us to book in.

Will you keep me updated on the progress of my guitar?

Sure! We’re as excited as you are about your new custom, and will happily send you text, email, Facebook or other updates to keep your warm fuzzies bubbling along nicely!

Do I have to pay the whole price up front?

No. You can if you like, as once a price is agreed on it is locked in; many of our customers prefer however to pay using our 3-payment scheduled instalment plan:

  • 40% deposit once designs are agreed on
  • 30% progress payment after one month
  • 30% balance payment on completion of the instrument
How much will it cost?

Our custom guitars are priced from AUD$4,000. To receive a personalised quote, please contact us.

Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely! Get in touch with your shipping details via email and we’ll give you a quote to get one of our beauties to your doorstep.

Do you make acoustic guitars?

No, but we love flamenco. We could watch/listen to it all week.

Do you do nitro finishes?

No, as far as lacquer goes we use a water-based acrylic lacquer to keep the emission and handling of environmentally-damaging solvents to a minimum.

Do you offer a warranty on workmanship?

Yes! All of our guitars carry a 24 month workmanship guarantee. Mind you if you stage-dive or drive our handiwork into your Marshall stack, then you’ll foot the bill!

Any other questions?

Contact us, we’re quick to answer!

Call (03) 9833 3645

And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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