It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Couple the pen with the axe and you have something truly mighty. Go on a journey with the guitar maker, exploring the vast and captivating world of custom luthiery.

From exotic woods to exotic builds, this blog aims to inspire, entertain and educate guitarists looking to learn and be part of the supportive Lucas Guitar community. Read, watch and share your thoughts with likeminded individuals.

Choose the right electric guitar strings

Choose the right electric guitar strings

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 9 Do you fall into the trap of changing string brands, types and/or gauges without understanding the potential effects of doing so? If so this video is for you! There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the optimum... read more

Intonation – the elephant in the room

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 8 Often trivialised and misunderstood, having excellent intonation is key to having a guitar that stays in tune and is a joy to play. Learn more about this (not so) mysterious art here as Richard addresses the many considerations and angles... read more

Pickups: How to Choose?

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 7 The number of pickup choices today is mind-boggling. With so much marketing noise and mythology surrounding this critical guitar product, how can you find the best pickup set for you? Watch this video and gain key pickup pointers that... read more

Custom Guitars Solve Problems

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 6 These days the label, “custom guitar” can mean just about anything – but to be truly custom, a guitar must be built with one player’s best interests in mind. Watch and learn how the best custom guitars are built not only to look and... read more

Understanding Electric Guitar Fret Sizes

“The problem is choice…” Guitars have come a long way since their embryonic beginnings. Like everything else these days, when it comes to guitar options there are just so many choices at our disposal. Electric guitar fret sizes are no exception. In The Matrix, Keanu... read more

Introducing Antagonist

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 5 Meet Antagonist, a bespoke take on a classic heavy rock/metal guitar shape. In this vlog Richard talks about how he took the customer’s brief and transformed it into the fine art piece now blazing a trail around Australia as a... read more

Technology for Musicians (T4M) headless tremolo

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 4 In this video, Richard gives a detailed overview of the bespoke Italian-made Technology for Musicians (T4M) headless tremolo, an upgraded homage to gear used on the iconic Steinberger guitars of the 80s. You’ll also learn about... read more

What Is A Custom Guitar?

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 3 What makes any guitar a ‘custom guitar’? In this video blog Richard discusses the key benefits around custom choices available to electric guitar players. Watch and learn about Richard’s experiences with different types of fretwire,... read more

Custom Guitar Maker’s Mini-Workshop Tour

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 2 Take Richard’s mini-workshop tour as he talks about some of his favourite hand and power tools and how they fit into the custom guitar making process. From olde-world hand-beaten rasps to chisels to spokeshaves, and cutting-edge modern... read more

Introducing The Custom Guitar Maker

Lucas Guitar Video Blog No. 1 In Lucas Guitar’s first-ever video blog, Richard speaks about his experiences in walking the uncommon path of becoming a custom guitar maker. From his early musical beginnings, to the business’s primitive beginnings in a carpeted... read more

Lucas Guitar Goes All In

On Wednesday November 4th, Lucas Guitar will begin opening 5 days a week. It’s been a long time coming. Eight years of designing, prototyping, testing and refining. Four years operating as a small cottage-industry player in the guitar marketplace. Making an... read more

Inspiration strikes at Lucas Guitar

If you read last week’s blog, you probably know how chuffed I am that the cold winter has nearly departed, making way for the joy of spring. Around my neighbourhood cherry trees have come out in the most amazing white and pink blossoms; there are entire streets... read more

Get some Spring into your guitar playing!

It’s here! A change in season brings with it a welcome change in our outlook, and already I can sense by the number of recent custom build enquiries and guitars dropped off for repairs that the inspiration to play is returning with the departure of our winter... read more

The Death of Plastic

So you spent a few thousand dollars on a guitar – only to realise that your prized instrument is covered in plastic. Volume/tone knobs, pickup surrounds, pickup bobbins, bindings, switch tips, tuner buttons, pickguards, cover plates… it’s like buying a Bentley... read more

Chrysós: new beginnings

As an aspiring guitarist, the adage “perfect practice makes perfect” was one of the best mantras I came across. As a guitar maker, Michael Jordan’s quote on fundamentals really rings true for me. In a world where skilled manual labour has largely... read more

Back with one hell of an axe to grind

… oh my goodness Dear Reader, It’s been a seriously long time between blogs, posts, tweets, carrier pigeons and the like. I would almost guarantee that everyone reading this has had to pull up stumps and move all of their worldly possessions at one time or... read more

Axe Appeal

What is it about the guitar that makes it so appealing to so many? Is it the sound? The look? Perhaps it’s more about the association with the great art and expression that have flowed through the guitar since it became part of public consciousness more than a... read more

Quality comes at a price

Often I have customers bring me entry‑level guitars to be set up and have general repairs carried out: reincarnate dead pickups, replace dodgy volume pots or crackly jacks. In many cases these inexpensive guitars look nearly as impressive as their more expensive... read more

Pick Up Your Tone!

One of the major changes afoot at Lucas Guitar over the course of this year has been a move to build all of the pickups we fit to our custom guitars ourselves. Not only does this mean that we can be more responsive to the needs of our clients, but also we can be... read more

Natural Finishes

There are many things that attract me to natural timber finishes. Here’s a short list: Quality. There’s nowhere to hide your mistakes under a natural finish. The flipside to this is that some timbers are inherently difficult to work with and minor... read more

A new month, new project, new website

And the inaugural edition of the Lucas Guitar Blog. This newly-created space is an opportunity for you to get into the headspace of the builder, get a feel for how we ‘roll’ here, and learn some interesting stuff about guitars and what we’re up to at the... read more
And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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