Back with one hell of an axe to grind

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… oh my goodness Dear Reader,

It’s been a seriously long time between blogs, posts, tweets, carrier pigeons and the like.

I would almost guarantee that everyone reading this has had to pull up stumps and move all of their worldly possessions at one time or another. Most would agree: It ain’t fun, and it ain’t quick.

It has been said however that every setback is also an opportunity… in fact the search for a new location turned up a gem – a spacious standalone garage where I can focus on stringed beauties without distraction. Still close to all forms of public transport with plentiful off-street parking and quick access to one of Melbourne’s best bike paths. Perfect.

In the time since moving to Box Hill South, the business hasn’t sat idle. Numerous services, re-strings, setups and fret dresses have provided renewed inspiration to local musicians… not to mention some serious restoration and modification on a well-used Fender P-Bass which is nearing completion. Photos soon!

Anyone who’d taken the opportunity to drop into my old workshop would remember the neat stacks of timber distributed about the place. These have served to keep the midriff at bay as I have surely lifted each piece at least three times during the move, not to mention machinery, pickup-making supplies, workbenches, toolboxes… I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it! The main point is that the new setup is on its way to awesome. Oh and I still have the same chunk of figured Qld Maple as a doorstop.

So what’s next for Lucas Guitar?

Another beautiful custom instrument coming soon. Featuring an epic figured Vic Ash cap (25+ yrs old, from the Otways), African Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis) body, Qld Maple neck, and a gorgeous figured Jarrah fretboard which was salvaged from a 12-foot Victorian-era floorboard. Add to this all-gold German and US hardware and Jescar EVO frets and you have something very special.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing you at the new workshop soon!

Richard Lucas
Guitar Whisperer


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