Axe Appeal

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Blogs | 0 comments

What is it about the guitar that makes it so appealing to so many?

Is it the sound? The look? Perhaps it’s more about the association with the great art and expression that have flowed through the guitar since it became part of public consciousness more than a hundred years ago.

A guitar can have a number of lives. The silent life of a tree in the forest before it is felled; the re-birth by the maker, turning nature’s raw product into an object that one should desire to play; and that object’s life as a medium for expression – simple or complex, harsh or polished, stark or grandiose.

Personality, too. The life of some guitars is the subject of scientific analyses, biographies, forums and debates. A modern Stradivarius. The Black Strat, Lenny, Lucille…

What is a guitar to us? A guitar is limitless potential.

Now go play.

Richard Lucas


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