Handwound Electric Guitar Pickups

Looking to create your own signature tone? Lucas Guitar offers you the ability to have handwound electric guitar pickups custom-made to achieve your tonal goals, a feature that distinguishes us amongst our custom-building peers.

Our pickups are hand-wound right here in our Melbourne workshop. We build them for a multitude of different styles and can hone in on the sound you desire, whether it’s an edgy vintage tone, a thick wall of sound, or modern razor-sharp distortion. Single coils, humbuckers or P90s, AlNiCo II/V/VIII or ceramic magnets, AWG-42/43/44 coil wire – we can cook you up a delectable feast of tone.

As a complement to our pickups, Lucas Guitar also uses quality guitar building techniques to ensure that the purity of your tone is all that you can hear. As well as using and recommending only the highest quality hardware and electronics and employing precise methods of construction, every guitar that we make benefits from the time-intensive application of noise-reducing internal coatings and earthing circuitry. We’ve found this treatment to be so effective that on a blind test you would struggle to tell the difference between the electrical noise from a humbucker and single-coil design.

In addition to all of these extra mile measures, all of our pickups are carefully wax potted in a bath of hot beeswax and paraffin to avoid microphonic squealing and protect the fine copper coil wire against degrade or damage.

If you’re a little tech-savvy and want the ability to swap between two or more sets of our pickups we can also set your custom guitar up to be ‘plug-and-play’ so that no soldering is required to perform the swap. To make the transition even easier (on a fixed-bridge guitar) we can build your guitar so that the pickups are rear-routed and you won’t need to remove or even detune your strings in order to swap your pickups out.

To learn about pickup fundamentals, different kinds of pickups and some of the custom options available, why not read our in-depth blog article on underwound and overwound pickups?

And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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