Australian Made Electric Guitars

Pleasure At Your Fingertips

Imagine the joy of playing the finest of Australian made electric guitars – your very own model – for the first time. You feel the guitar’s shapely contours against your body, the way the hand-carved neck sits comfortably in your hand, the cool smoothness of the polished fretboard under your fingertips. Your fingers gently press down on the strings and spontaneously you pick out a chord. The rich, pure tone passes right through you, taking you to another place, a place of inspiration and timelessness.

Setting The Standard

Your Lucas custom guitar offers world-class playability, electrifying tone and a personalised, customised experience that is second-to-none. Combining laser-guided precision with bespoke fine craftsmanship, your one-of-a-kind instrument seductively blurs the lines between music and art.

Meticulous Attention To Detail

Rigorously tested on stages across the globe, Lucas Australian made electric guitars stand for quality. Even the smallest and most imperceptible details are addressed with the same passion and commitment to excellence as the major elements of your guitar. Lucas hallmarks such as solid brass neck inserts, anodised machine screws, internal strap pin reinforcement and painstakingly-applied electronic noise shielding sit alongside German-made tuners and bridges and US-made jacks, switches and volume/tone controls. Pickups are hand-wound in-house in graduated sets to achieve your signature tone and sustain requirements.

An Environmentally Responsible Choice

Choosing to buy a Lucas custom guitar is also a choice to help the environment. Our sustainable building process minimises the release of toxic chemicals and solvents into the atmosphere, and our construction methods minimise the wastage of the unique and exotic tonewoods we hand-source and use.

Tailored Just For You

Every part of your personalised instrument fits you like a glove – nothing gets in the way of your playing, your passion. Your fretting hand moves with accuracy and grace. Your picking hand rests comfortably, alternating between up/down strokes and volume and tone adjustments with familiarity and confidence. You’re in the zone – just where you want to be.

And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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