A new month, new project, new website

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And the inaugural edition of the Lucas Guitar Blog.

This newly-created space is an opportunity for you to get into the headspace of the builder, get a feel for how we ‘roll’ here, and learn some interesting stuff about guitars and what we’re up to at the moment.

The bottom line about Lucas Guitar is that we just love guitars. We love their story, their sound, the way they feel – even the smell – of an inspirational instrument.

Right now, the construction of a new custom guitar has begun. More will be divulged over time, but as a starting point, the timber to be used in the build will simply blow you away. Afrormosia and highly-figured Australian Blackwood for a start.

Spring really is a great season for guitar building. Glue and paint dry quickly, and we’re not yet baking out in the workshop. Exciting times ahead.

So stay tuned for future editions – and for great photos, commentary and insight into custom guitars, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

All the best,
Richard Lucas


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