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Custom electric guitars: world-class playability and tone

Looking for the ultimate in custom electric guitars, made to your exact requirements?

We can make it happen.

The Process

Our process is simple. We first work to unearth your desires and experiences, then with that as a starting point we chart a way forward. If you have a clear vision we can work with it, or if you just want to give us free rein to produce an unexpected masterpiece we can do that too.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, with regular photos and progress updates, shared via email, text or Messenger as you wish. You’ll also see your guitar achieve cult fame on social media as other great instruments have in the past.

Our Clients

We work with guitar enthusiasts, studio artists, and international performers who share our desire to create guitars that will continue to inspire long after we’ve left this earth. For this reason our clients, like us, believe in creating a sustainable future through clever innovation and smart choices today.

Truly Custom

Lucas Guitar is known for creating bodies that project powerful tone, and necks that feel second-nature in the hand. Every pickup is personally hand-wound by us to complement the player and to match the guitar that it will be installed into. Our necks are hand-carved to match the player’s hand, playing style and musical genre of choice.

Future Proof

Regardless of how optioned-up your dream guitar might be, all of our guitars incorporate features to keep their playability at peak performance for a very long time. Carbon fibre reinforcements, anodised fasteners and German-made hardware are all part of the standard engineering of your Lucas guitar. We stand behind our workmanship too, with a generous 24-month guarantee.

Waiting List

Due to the dedicated focus that our guitar building process requires, our annual production is limited to a maximum of 10 instruments. Book a consultation now to avoid a lengthy wait time.

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And continue on the journey towards owning the custom electric guitar of your dreams.

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